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Sniper DQ24
All-in-one Digital PCR System

VibroJectTM technology

for efficient droplet generation without reliance on microfluidic chip

All sample in tip to be used for droplet generation,

minimizing dead volume to maximize sample utilization

VibroJectTM droplet generation

The vibratory injection technology is an efficient, fast and reliable method for droplet generation. Below the oil surface, the dPCR reaction mixture flows from a micro-needle into the oil phase at a constant speed under the control of a sophisticated syringe pump, while the micro-needle vibrates reciprocally at a constant frequency. Reaction mixture is steadily split into tens of thousands of droplets of uniform volume and distributed in the oil phase.

Absolute quantification
Genetic alterations SNP and CNV
Rare event detection rare allele and pathogen
Gene expression analysis
Next-generation sequencing NGS


Droplet Workstation

Droplet nucleic amplification
In-droplet cell culture and observation
Micro-organism screening and sorting
Micro-reactor for biochemical assays
Single cell nucleic and protein analysis
Single cell RNA library for NGS