Food Safety Inspection

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) test, foodborne microbes detection, meat species identification, etc.

Food safety is becoming an important public health issue and is receiving great attention from the society and the country. Food-borne diseases, food material counterfeiting, and genetically modified foods are gradually showing a general trend of growth.

Food-borne diseases are diseases caused by toxic and harmful substances that enter the human body through ingestion. For example, common food poisoning, intestinal infectious diseases, zoonotic infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, etc. The incidence of food-borne diseases is among the highest in the total incidence of various diseases and is the most prominent health problem in the world. Prevention and control at the source is the most important part of the solution to this problem. Food material counterfeiting is also a major killer of national health, some counterfeit materials may contain carcinogens or other harmful substances.

Traditional testing methods are time-consuming and difficult to meet the demand for rapid food testing. The emergence of digital PCR technology provides convenient conditions and high efficiency for food testing, which can meet the current needs of rapid and accurate food monitoring.