Gene Expression Analysis

Reproducible measurement of transcripts of low expression or small sequence difference, such as single cell gene expression or allelic specific expression.

Absolute quantification is basic application to dPCR platform. Partitioning reaction mix into tens of thousands of small uniform droplets through “VibroJectTM” technology. As we all known, dPCR does not require standard curve, and it totally simplify the process of experiment, making the result more accuracy and repeatable.

For low abundance mRNA and miRNA targets, dPCR is the best choice. DQ24 all-in-one digital PCR system partitions samples into about 23,000 droplets of identital volume(0.8nl), some droplets will contain one or more copies of target DNA molecule and some will not contain, then PCR amplification and fluorescence detection. The concentration of the target molecule in the reaction system is greatly enhanced by the partitioning process.

Benefits of gene expression analysis by dPCR

1. Comparable data between samples or genes, enabled by copies/μl

2. Superior precision allows discriminating smaller fold change with statistic significance

3. Discriminate difference in single nucleic acid on mRNA sequence, allowing ASE analysis

4. Quantitative detection of gene expression in a single cell without pre-amplification

5. Less susceptible to PCR efficiency variation, superior tolerance to PCR inhibitors, offering reliable quantification