Sniper DQ24 Digital PCR System

Load-and-go operation

The Sniper DQ24 Digital System is an all-in-one equipment – Press the start button and no more operations are needed.

Full duration of the experiments is less than 2 hr.

6 fluorescence channels

6 fluorescence channels for users to choose.

Unique optical design eliminates crosstalk of signals and ensures the multiplex results.

Process assured

Innovative droplet generation method (VibroJectTM) ensures droplet monodispersity.

Ultra-low dead volume of aqueous samples reduces quantification uncertainty.

Permanent sealing of reaction – zero risk of crossover contamination.

User-friendly software

Easy-to-use interface helps plan, monitor and analyze the experiments.

Simple and intuitive setup procedure easily be finished in a few steps.

Process precisely tracked and data preserved.

Results are lined up in comprehensible and sensible layout.

Sniper DQ24 Digital PCR System
Starting simple volume, µl
Sample illumination
Light-emitting diode
Sample detection
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor
Detection channels
FAM/EvaGreen, HEX/VIC/JOE, Cy3/TAMARA, ROX/TexasRed, Cy5/Q670, Quasar 705/Cy5.5
Linear dynamic range
5 orders of magnitude
+/- 10%
DQ24 dimensions
L×W×H, 495×500×560 mm3
DQ weight
56 kg
Temperature ramping rate
>3.5 ˚C/s
Temperature precision
0.1 ˚C
Working environment
Temperature 15-30 ˚C, humidity≤85%, clean

Sample preparation

Prepare PCR reaction mixes with TaqMan probe or EvaGreen in 8-tube strips


Load the sample and walk away

Load the mixes in 8-tube strips and DQ droplet generation toolkit onto the holder and set up your assay in Sight software


Data analysis

Analysize your data with Sight software



Cancer biomarker studies


Gene expression analysis

Pathogen detection

Cancer biomarker studies

Accurate quantification

Accurate quantification for NGS library without the use of standard curve

Safety testing

Agricultural produce and food safety testing


Environmental microbiological detection

DQ Droplet Generation Micropipette

DQ Droplet Generation Toolkit

DQ Droplet Generation Oil

DQ Driver Oil

DQ Droplet Reaction plate lid, 4 wells

DQ Droplet Reaction plate, 4 wells

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