Cell and Gene Therapy

DQ24 dPCR is GMP-ready, providing absolute quantification solution for production and QC environment needs.

Gene therapy

Gene therapy refers to the introduction of exogenous normal genes into target cells to correct or compensate for diseases caused by defective and abnormal genes for therapeutic purposes.

Cell therapy

Cell therapy refers to the use of the properties of certain cells with specific functions, which are obtained by bioengineering methods and/or treated by in vitro expansion and special culture, so that these cells have therapeutic effects such as enhancing immunity, killing pathogens and tumor cells, in order to treat diseases.

Cellular immunotherapy

Cellular immunotherapy is an emerging tumor treatment modality with significant efficacy and is a new type of autoimmune treatment against cancer. It uses biotechnology and biological agents to stimulate and enhance the body's autoimmune function by culturing and amplifying immune cells collected from patients in vitro and then transfusing them back into the patient's body to treat tumors. Biological immunotherapy is the fourth major tumor treatment technology after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

  • Viral Titer Measurement
  • Residual DNA Quantification
  • Evaluation of Gene Editing Efficiency
  • Virus vector copy number(VCN) detection
  • Transfection positive detection
  • Dynamic monitoring of Minimum Residual Disease(MRD)